I can't believe someone ate it! Ross: This is not good for my rage. Monica: (yelling and waving her hand in the air) I know! I promise we'll come up with something. Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines for Sept. 20, Why 'The Rock' is endorsing THIS candidate, Heather Rae Young stuns in bikini on Mexican vacation: 'Wedding body', Kim Cattrall is never returning to 'Sex and the City' despite rumors of a reboot, 'Home Alone 2' star Brenda Fricker says Christmas is a 'very dark' time of year as she lives alone, Deaf 'AGT' star Mandy Harvey on inspiring others through singing: ‘It has given me the profound blessing’, Kirk Cameron hosts another maskless Christmas caroling event to protest California's stay-at-home order, Tom Cruise's 'Mission: Impossible 7' crew is 'walking on eggshells' after his rant: report. Let's give our friend Joey a chance to explain why he's such a big pervert! Anyone else? Gravity. Chandler: Well let's….let's see what everybody thinks of that? Dr. Leedbetter: Threatening letters, refusal to meet deadlines, apparently people now call you mental. (Ross's scream scares a flight of pigeons away. Phoebe: Yeah? Phoebe hates that they're together because she figures that Ursula is going to hurt Joey, one of her best friends. Rachel: Yes! Phoebe: Fine! But be sure to write a Phoebe worthy note on it so your co-worker doesn't steal it! Saved by Feast of Starlight. [Scene: The Museum of Prehistoric History (Ross's work); Ross is in the break room eating lunch as his boss, Dr. Leedbetter walks in.]. And tighty-whiteys! Lots of people know who Bob Ross is. Joey: Oh-oh, yeah-yeah, I bet all the sex makes it easier! Let's get started. Well, I really liked that Lamaze class I took! Monica: Come on! Monica nudges Chandler who hides the picture in his magazine. The woman who wouldn't settle down. Phoebe: I really thought you making a good point. (Looks around the room.) Phoebe then rants about the importance of not cancelling plans with friends to Joey and the two re-schedule. What do you think phoebe wrote on the note to keep people away from ross' food? What did they talk about? Phoebe: (smiling) I'm sorry. Phoebe: You didn't read this one either?! Dock of the bay? I didn't come with her! He takes naked pictures of us! Phoebe writes him a note that would scare anyone. Legal Statement. You weren't taking the class seriously. Chandler: Well, they're Joey's! She writes a new note for Ross, which makes everyone thinks she's a bad ass. Rachel: Well yeah, but then I remembered I started it and there was this pep rally and I was, I was on top of the pyramid but anyway—umm, what is this book about? She tells Chandler, as he's making a sandwich of his own, why she won't be eating any meat. Chandler: (interrupting him) All this lying has been hard on us too. Ross: (getting angry) That said it was my sandwich?! If you go back to the very first episode of Friends (The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate), you’ll notice something a little off about Phoebe. Ross: MY SANDWICH!!!!!! Joey: That's it! I'm taking a literature class at the New School and I have to finish it for the first session tomorrow. It's going to be weird not having a job for a while, but I, I definitely don't care about my sandwich. Joey: No it isn't! I mean, come on! If you had to pick one character from Friends that stands out, for better or worse, it’d have to be Phoebe Buffay. Test. Joey: Well, I think we've all learned something about who's disgusting and who's not. I mean you really kept Joey's underwear?! Oh, and another thing, the video camera? And then he eats chicken and looks at them! Joey is closing the door after Rachel leaves and is about to confront Chandler and Monica.]. (Follows Joey into their apartment and shrugs on his way out.). This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Ross: Unbelievable! Nice!! Are you sure you're not just a sex addict? Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Friends Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Leftovers Thanksgiving Recipes Gravy For Mashed Potatoes Potato Gravy Friend Recipe Sliced Turkey Turkey Sandwiches. Yeah. 5 years ago. Later on in the episode, Phoebe's ex David returns from Minsk and he is only in town for one night. Monica: Phoebe, you are a bad ass! A blanket? Joey: I don't know uhh… (Pause as he thinks about it.) Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. #Friends #MoistMaker. Ex-Pence adviser: Trump bungled virus response Just wait. What is that? Ugh, this is so silly. He's heading for the cube!" Start studying The Saturday Boy_Student. Rachel: And with Chandler in the next room. Eh? Phoebe and Rachel enroll in a literature class. Everybody guess what? She writes a particularly bad-ass note and the gang looks impressed. Monica: Okay, look, I-I have enough stuff for one more sandwich, I mean I was going to eat it myself, but (motions that he can have it.). Phoebe: Well, yeah! (She throws them into the kitchen and Rachel picks them up with the handle of a large spoon. Check out what's clicking today in entertainment. He met two nuns. While he's staring at the picture, Rachel decides to come over and sees him looking at the picture.]. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Don’t be such a goodie-goodie! Joey finds himself constantly covering for Chandler and Monica's affair. Who's are they? Ross: Uh-huh. Monica: Phoebe! Ross: (losing control, we hear him shout outside) MY SANDWICH?!!! Phoebe: Yeah! 91% Upvoted. The Teacher: Well, that's sort of a given, but yes. That's the only way to explain all this stuff! And one thing led to another and (He puts his leg on the chair and pulls up his pants leg to reveal that he now has shaved legs.). Okay?! PLAY. The Teacher: Monica, you asked the question. Ross Geller's Moist Maker Sandwich from the television show, Friends. (He tries to think of another but can't) I'm out. ), Joey: I'm Joey. Rachel: Well, I was gonna, but I accidentally read something else. That sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life! The next day at work Ross’s boss asks him about his recent well craziness and wants him to see a psychiatrist. Because you can also explain it with the truth! That is so cool. Ross Geller's lunch. The odd one out, the… just plain odd one. An age-old mystery will have to continue for fans of “Friends.”. But no-no, how does that explain why Rachel found my underwear at your place? Many of us watched The Joy of Painting on PBS or came across Bob Ross and his happy little trees in some other way. ! Rachel: Uh, thank you Phoebe. Whom did Holden meet at the sandwich bar? Joey: Yeah, it was! Phoebe: Someday I'll, tell you about the time I stabbed the cop. I mean, look, I left a note and everything. “Oh, my God, I’m standing here going. Monica: (inspecting his leg) Wow! That's the only way to explain the underwear and the video camera that doesn't make me look like a pig! And because we're so obsessed, we took note of the Central Perk gang's Magna Doodles that appeared on the beloved series. What are you, 8? Phoebe: Someday I'll tell you about the time I stabbed a cop! With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Ross: (entering, with the rest of the gang) What's going on? Phoebe: I don't know! He got "Little Shirley Beans." Everybody just calm down. Monica: Okay, just wait, please. Which I think represents the wildness of Heathcliff's character. Ross: Yeah. Rachel: So Pheebs, what is the book about? Chandler: I know it sounds really weird, but we're just so bad at relationships. With Joey the only person who knows about their secret relationship, he finds himself forced to cover for Chandler and Monica. Friends Central is a FANDOM TV Community. Rachel: Come on Phoebe! Joey: Oh hey, no, you're not welcome. (Chandler silently pleads with Joey to cover for them. Chandler: Say Ross, when you picture Phoebe living on the street, is she surrounded by the entire cast of Annie? Twice recently I've seen the stroller come up in things I've read. I know! Ross, when you picture Phoebe living on the street, is she surrounded by the entire cast of Annie? They're your underwear. Rachel: Phoebe, come on! Fox News Flash top entertainment and celebrity headlines for Sept. 20 are here. Monica: (grabbing the picture) Give me that! (Realizes he still has the underwear in his hand.) Later, Rachel finds Monica's razor in Chandler's bathroom and P… Monica: Yeah, the best you got in high school was Wet Pants Geller. [Scene: Central Perk, Monica is there as Phoebe and Rachel return from the class.]. It's just that, we don't want everyone to know because this is going really well, and maybe the reason it's going really well is because it's a secret. Hey Tribbiani, give me that coffee! ), [Scene: The hallway, Joey is returning from a date with Cynthia.]. What do you think phoebe wrote on the note to keep people away from ross' food? Umm, this is all because of a sandwich. Phoebe: I think that uh, yours is a question with many answers. You should've read it yourself! Joey: What?!! Phoebe: HE STABBED ME FIRST! I am not a pervert! Oh yeah! Market data provided by Factset. [Scene: The Class; Monica has taken Rachel's spot.]. The good Joey name is being dragged through the mud here! Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Ross Geller's lunch, please don't take me. The Teacher: Would ya care to venture one? Write. (Hands him a Polaroid.). You didn't even read it! All right, listen, I can't…. Chandler: I didn't know you were taking a class. Spell. With Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc. Someone ate the only good thing going on in my life! Joey: Of course it's true! Phoebe: I thought you said you read it in high school. Monica: I guess I set up the video camera to try and entice Joey. 75. Directed by Gary Halvorson. The Teacher: If you're talking about feminism, I think you're right. Joey: Well, I'm telling everyone about you! (Joey walks by with a cup of coffee.) Well, I'm Joey. (Sees Monica.) Oh, yeah." ), Cynthia: I can't believe you thought that you were going to video tape us having sex on the first date! Rachel: (entering, angrily) Ugh, that was so embarrassing! Dr. Leedbetter: It was a simple mistake. Okay? Ross explains that it was all because of a sandwich and his boss recalls that he ate that sandwich. (She storms away and Rachel enters to confront Joey. All rights reserved. She says, "Someday, I'll tell you about the time I stabbed a cop." Phoebe: Yeah but why didn't you just say that you didn't read the book?! Ross: My Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. You gotta scare people off. Joey: Well, get ready to come out of the non-gay closet! And uh, the-the uh, wildness of the mores, which I think is-is mirrored in the wildness of Heathcliff's character. (Shows the note to Chandler who reads it aloud.). (Points at Chandler, angrily. Thanksgiving leftovers for the win! (Takes another pill.). Phoebe: Umm, Rachel and I were just discussing it and she had some very interesting insights. Chandler: No-no, wait! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The note Buffay would write for Gellar eventually led to him being placed on sabbatical. Monica: I guess I wanted to keep it (Pause) as a souvenir. (Running out) We should have essay questions!! He bends over to pick it up and gasps. J-J-J-J-J-Joey's! Rachel: (sees the picture) Oh my God! If any of you fucking pricks remove it, I'm gonna execute every motherfucking last one of you.” — signed: Ross Honeybunny Geller She's a cyborg. It was just so funny when you started comparing Jane Eyre to Robocop. Ross becomes angry when someone at work eats his sandwich. share. Yeah, I'm disgusting, I take my underwear off in other people's homes. Chandler: Top of the world? Most recently, there was a New York Times op-ed, ostensibly about the ethics of sharing stories about your children online, but with a part philosophizing (in fairness, the author, Agnes Callard, is a philosopher) about how "people warn prospective parents that having a baby is expensive, but that isn’t exactly true. The Teacher: Excellent! Chandler: All right, look! Market data provided by Factset. Phoebe: Okay, look you wanna hold onto your food? Phoebe: No! May I have a word with you? Rachel: Be-because I didn't want him to think I was stupid! No! or redistributed. Phoebe: [writing a note] This will keep them away from your stuff! ‘FRIENDS’ ALUM LISA KUDROW REVEALS WHY SHE DOESN’T WATCH THE BELOVED SHOW. If anyone's a sex addict here, it's Monica! It's a disease! This has got to stop! (Starts for his room.) (Rachel stares in shock.). I'm tired of covering for you two! He liked it and thought Phoebe would too. You were actually gonna… (Chandler picks this moment to return to the living room.) What record did Holden get for Phoebe? So, what did everybody think about Jane Eyre? Free delivery on millions of items with Prime. Come look in my office, some of it my still be in the trash. Chandler: Which I may say, right now, is out of control. An official "Friends" cookbook is set to be published later this year.The book includes over 70 recipes inspired by the beloved show, and will apparently cater to all culinary abilities. (Ross walks in, eating cotton candy. Ross: (quietly) That-that would be incredible. (He goes to open the door to his apartment, but finds it locked. Someone ate the sandwich anyway, which enrages Ross. Phoebe: Okay, this will keep them away from your stuff. Oh, so you really wanted to learn. I think I can explain this. You sick, sick, sick, sick-o!! It's good. Ross: (jumping to his feet in anger) What? [Everyone sees the note and gasps] Monica: Phoebe, you are a bad-ass! Meanwhile, Ross becomes so enraged at work when someone steals his turkey sandwich, it results in his suspension. You can tell them you had to make an adult film for your (Thinks) adult film class. Okay-shhh, I have to finish. Belichick shows rare emotion over loss of mother. No, it's not. Oh my God! ], Monica: Hey. 6 comments. Rachel: (To Phoebe) Sorry I'm late, but I left late. Ross: That was the water fountain! All rights reserved. Chandler: (Sees the picture) Oh no! Okay—ooh, but are you going to have time to read it? [Scene: Central Perk, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Rachel are there as Phoebe enters with her nose stuck in a book.]. (Offers it to everyone. hide. It is very special to him, since Monica puts a "moist maker" in the middle: a gravy soaked piece of bread. Thank you so much. Ross: Do you perhaps seeing a note on top of it? But, (To Monica) you do it with me once. I-I-I-I-I had to throw most of it away. Dr. Leedbetter: We've been getting reports of some very angry behavior on your part. Look. Chandler: See? I-I still can't believe someone ate it!! Finn looked back at Jake and Phoebe" Come on!" [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel and Phoebe are returning from class.]. Now! Created by. Who's are they? Phoebe tells him that she learned how to protect her food when living on the streets; the trick is to be tough. Joey has a dream about Monica and becomes convinced he is in love with her. Phoebe: (To Rachel) You completely stole my answer! dianelanier. ), [Scene: Monica and Phoebe's class; the class has ended and Phoebe is talking to one of her classmates.]. You're note, amazing! Yeah, y'know, Pheebs I just wanted to have fun. https://friends.fandom.com/wiki/The_One_With_Ross%27_Sandwich/Transcript?oldid=56141. Ross puts the note on … This is the problem with being 25 years older, I don’t have a clue, I can’t even make up something,” co-creator, David Crane told Page Six at the recent Tribeca Film Festival. Okay? Learn how to make Ross Geller's Moist Maker Turkey Sandwich from the Friends TV show. I mean, I'm disgusting. Here are the few … Monica: Phoebe? What Rachel has shrewdly observed here…. Monica: (entering, happily) All right everybody! Chandler: Say Ross, when you picture Phoebe living on the street, is she surrounded by the entire cast of Annie? (Joey makes a noise and jumps out of the way.) The Teacher: Are you just repeating what I'm saying? In the episode, Ross explained to his boss: ‘You see my sister makes these amazing turkey sandwiches. Umm, well, what struck me most when reading Jane Eyre was uh, how the book was so ahead of its time. Rachel: Okay, but if it only happened that one time, how come we found your underwear in our apartment the other day? Chandler: Are you sure Joe? Joey, you can touch them! Legal Statement. Creators for the iconic sitcom admit they don’t know what was written in the offensive note that Phoebe Buffay jotted for Ross Geller in order to keep his pals away from his “moistmaker” sandwich during Season 5. Dr. Leedbetter: We want you to speak to a psychiatrist. Okay, look, I hate this! That was the underwear I was wearing that night in London. It's good! Ohh!! Ross sits down on the chair, he seems kinda out of it.).  The BEST Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich EVER! This thread is archived. Joey: (reluctantly taking them) Chandler? I'm only eating the skin, so the chicken's up for grabs. Ohh, you know who you should go with? Phoebe: (taking something out of the couch) Ew-eww!! Despite the final "Friends" episode airing in 2004, we just can't get away from the gang: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey. 'FRIENDS' STAR JENNIFER ANISTON ON WHERE ROSS AND RACHEL WOULD BE TODAY. Ross: Just a sandwich? (To Monica) Yesterday, Rachel found your razor in our bathroom and I didn't know what to say, so I said it was mine and-and that I was playing a woman in a play. Rachel: (sitting down) So umm, what's this book about? Well, when the psychiatrist told me I had to take a leave of absence because I yelled at my boss I started to get worked up again, so he offered me a tranquilizer. Fun is good, but y'know I also wanted to learn. So what would you say Pheebs? Monica: It's okay! This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. I've been wondering if you were going to ask me out. ), [Scene: Phoebe and Rachel's class; Rachel walks in, on time this time.]. Rachel: Yeah, well, feminism yes, but also the robots. She has been trying to get me back in the sack ever since London! ), Cynthia: Oh, candles! Chandler: (gasps) You're naked in this picture! What's wrong with you? Yeah, a guy called me mental! You see my-my sister makes these amazing turkey sandwiches. After Thanksgiving one year, Ross brings a Thanksgiving food leftovers sandwich to work. Yeah, ALL 94 of 'em (save for … Ross: I'm fine! Dr. Leedbetter: I-I'm sorry. Phoebe writes a scary note for him to put on his new sandwich that scares people away from him. Phoebe: Yeah! Phoebe still wants meat, maybe more so, since watching Joey make his sandwich. Phoebe: Okay, umm, it's this tragic love story between Cathy and Heathcliff and umm, it takes place on like these really creepy mores in England. That's my sister! Okay? Y'know, people are always talking about what they learned in high school and I never went to high school. Finn said to the two." Why would you do that?! Posted by. In "The One With Ross's Sandwich," Ross, knowing Phoebe lived on the streets, asks him to write a note to prevent anyone from taking his sandwich. This leads to them doing numerous sexual acts in his apartment, leading him to become frustrated and demand that they calm their activities down when in the apartment and act normally if he is to have to do the same, which they agree to do. And around the ankles, y'know that is a tough spot. Undies! “Everybody be cool, this is my sandwich! Rachel: Ohh. What is the big deal? Joey: All right. Series co-creator Marta Kauffman also did not remember what Buffay wrote but added that she wanted to find out for the sake of her own sanity. Rachel: (waving them in his face) Take 'em! No! Phoebe: Yeah! Okay, all right, so Jane Eyre, first of all, you'd think she's a woman, but she's not. Phoebe: Yeah, this book was light years ahead of its time. Rachel: Oh-oh-oh, symbolism! She ends up eating Chandler's sandwich. The Teacher: What do you think? Rachel: Vogue! Ross Geller's lunch, who? It's just… I just… Kinda…. Dr. Leedbetter: Well, it was quite large. report. They gotta be Joey's! Julius is an LA Entertainment Reporter for Fox News. I learned that living on the street. I mean y'know, until you got cut off. Match. ), Ross: (covering his eyes) Dude! Yeah, a guy called me mental! Why? Okay? Phoebe: Are you just repeating what I'm saying? Ahh! Joey tells Phoebe to go all out, and offers her steak. But Bob Ross was intensely private and really kept his personal life hidden. Joey: I'm surprised you didn't go home wearing your lunch. Rachel: Well, honey that was pretty obvious. That's Monica!! Lets just say that “Friends” cast members and “The Big Bang Theory” cast are friends and live in the same building. Monica: Yes you are! As he's getting out his keys, Chandler and Monica quickly jump up from making out in the living room and run to Chandler's bedroom. I know! It could happen to anyone. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. The free spirit. A Female Student: Yeah, what's up with that girl Monica? Oh yeah, then I'd have someone to sit with! Phoebe: So that's why she gave you a naked picture of herself. 16. Hey, but it better make me look really, really good. They talked about literature and Holden's views on Romeo and Juliet. I saw a psychiatrist at work today. (As she storms out, Rachel returns and overhears the conversation. In season 7 episode 11, 'The One With All The Cheesecakes', Joey and Phoebe make plans one night but Joey cancels and leaves a note because he has a date. She and Joey eat the steak, but Phoebe feels awful afterword. Close. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. Joey: Uh yes, but it was, we just did it once uh, in London. Monica: I'm Monica. Eventually, Ursula begins avoiding Joey, as Phoebe predicted would happen, hoping to end their brief fling that way. Ross: Phoebe! Phoebe is on the couch, fidgeting.]. Ross: Phoebe! ), Rachel: Joey, is what she just said umm—Oh my God. Rachel: Umm, well I would have to say that it's a, it's tragic love story. ), [Scene: Chandler, Joey, and Ross's; continued from earlier. I, I-I-I believe I ate that. Ross: I don't know. Not a 'sucker or loser:' Vietnam vet's obit rips Trump. Joey: You guys promised you'd be more careful! Just give us a little more time. A video camera? Chandler and Monica have horrified looks on their faces.). Mental Geller, yeah, I always wanted a cool nickname like that. 'FRIENDS' STAR LISA KUDROW REVEALS HOW MATT LeBLANC SAVED HER ROLE AS PHOEBE. And I thought was a good idea so, I took it. Directed by Andrew Tsao. Joey: Ahh—oy! Monica: Yeah, the best you got in high school was Wet Pants Geller. Archived. (Notices something.) No I'm not!! I just convinced Paul to give us a test next week! Y'know, I thought it would be fun! I mean, that was really embarrassing what happened to you! He put it in the refrigerator and included a note so people would know that it was his. The apartment has about 20 candles burning all over the place. Monica: (entering) Thank you Joey, thank you so much! You in the blue shirt. A word. Phoebe: Okay, this will keep them away from your stuff. I totally get symbolism. Continuity mistake: In Central Perk, when Phoebe writes a note for Ross to put on his sandwich so no one eats it, she mentions that she stabbed a cop, and has a green mug in her hand. Rachel: Well, get 'em out of here! I make low-budget adult films. Not only did no one touch my sandwich, but people at work are actually afraid of me. The Teacher: (entering) Sorry I'm late. Anyway, I-I put my sandwich in the fridge over here…. Not only did no one touch my sandwich, but people at work are actually afraid of me. All: Whoa! You guys keep embarrassing me! Yeah. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. I thought this was going to be something we could do together! Phoebe: This is going to be so much fun! Monica: We'll try to be more careful okay? The note, though, was a feeble knock-knock joke. Ross: (in a stupor) Hey Chandler. [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the entire gang is there, eating breakfast. Someone at work eats it and sparks his anger. Jake said as he made his hand get bigger, grabbing Finn and Phoebe flew next to them as they headed towards the Cube where the Lich was heading to. Mental Geller, yeah, I always wanted a cool nickname like that. Dr. Leedbetter: Umm, Ross. Did you confuse it with your own turkey sandwich with a Moist Maker? Ross: Oh no, you-you don't understand. Ross brought the sandwich to work with him. Hey, so tell me about this Jane Eyre woman. Stuff like uh, "Keep your mitts off my grub?". He has a naked picture of Monica! save. You're note, amazing! All right, now, I'm going to get back to my bucket. Dr. Leedbetter: (laughs) Oh, you know what? The quirky one. And consider Ross working as a professor at the same university as of Sheldon and his gang. (Joey casually pushes Ross over the back of the couch and sits down proud of himself. Ooh, you should come with me! Dr. Leedbetter: There may have been a-a joke or a limerick of some kind. Summary: Joey starts to get uncomfortable with protecting Monica and Chandler's secret, especially when it places him in embarrassing situations. (She sits back defeated, and Phoebe groans with disgust. (Throws them towards Chandler's room.) Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Happy Thanksgiving! Cynthia: God, this was really fun! Rachel: A cyborg?! Joey: No! Joey opens the door and ushers Cynthia in. Phoebe: Well, I snapped! Low prices across earth's biggest selection of books, music, DVDs, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories, shoes, jewelry, tools & hardware, housewares, furniture, sporting goods, beauty & personal care, groceries & just about anything else. I stalk guys and keep their underpants. It cuts to Monica then back to Phoebe and the mug is out of her hand and she's yelling, "He stabbed me first."