One of the financial backers of the Cracker Lake Mine was Dave Greenwood Altyn. A little information about the mining: By 1910, when Glacier National Park was finally formed, only a small number of these consolidated claims remained. . It is a destination I have been wanting to make it to since last summer and it felt so surreal finally rounding the corner to see the icy blue Cracker Lake nestled below towering 4000' mountains. A little more than a half-mile from this spot you’ll cross over Canyon Creek, at which point the trail heads back into the forest for another long stretch. Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals; Badger Creek Deposits: Iron Titanium: Borrow Pit: Sand and Gravel: Bufflo Lake Deposit: Iron Titanium: Cracker Lake Mine: National Park: Copper: East Kiowa No. Cracker Lake Hike, Glacier National Park Picture: Cracker lake and an old mine site - Check out Tripadvisor members' 12,848 candid photos and videos of Cracker Lake Hike (1,853 Meters). If it were possible to ignore the magnificent scenery of the surrounding mountains, it would still be well worth the hike just to see this incredibly beautiful color. Cracker Lake is a surreal-colored lake in the Many Glacier valley. Looking out over Swiftcurrent Lake. Many Glacier is probably my favorite section of the park for it’s intense stunning beauty and glacial colored lakes. To continue towards the lake hikers should proceed straight ahead at this junction. The highlight of Alex's and my trip to Montana earlier this month was an overnight at the Cracker Lake backcountry campsite in Glacier. However, after the mine went bust, so did the town. This onetime robust little settlement got its name from Dave Altyn, one of the mine’s financial backers. To continue on towards Cracker Lake hikers should turn left at this junction. Siyeh, and sitting like a gem more than 4000 feet below is Cracker Lake. Route Description for Cracker Lake Expect a muddy, buggy first 3.2km, as horses from Many Glacier share this trail! It travels through prime grizzly bear habitat, passes through a lot of tall vegetation, including many berry patches, and makes a lot of twists and turns, thus creating numerous blind spots along the route. One of the financial backers of the Cracker Lake Mine was Dave Greenwood Altyn. Camp views. It doesn't quite go all the way to the bottom, but you could make it to the shore with a little bit of off-trail bushwhacking. cestovatel25 / TripAdvisor The mine was established in 1897 after copper was discovered on the south shore of the lake. It is possible!. Document Archive | According to legend the mine received its name when two prospectors, L. C. Emmonds and Hank Norris, had a lunch of cheese and crackers on the site after staking their claim. The Cracker Lake Mine is a copper mine located in Glacier county, Montana at an elevation of 6,079 feet. 5000′ of vertical rock above Cracker Lake. gcse.async = true; At 4.75 miles the trail finally emerges from the forest for the last time. At just over 1.4 miles hikers will arrive at the Cracker Flats Horse Loop. This is still another half-mile away, but well worth the effort. The Cracker Lake Trail has a long reputation for bear sightings, and for obvious reasons. Copyright Although you won't actually be able to see the lake from this vantage point, you will be able to see the headwall between Mt. In the course of the hike, we encountered waterfalls, glaciers, a wide range of ecosystems, a bull moose, and a grizzly bear. Smoke rolling in from the south. It should be assumed that all mines are on private property. You could stop at this point, but the views are even better from the red rock outcropping further up the trail. Please read this Disclaimer / Privacy Policy Almost immediately after starting your hike you'll reach a split in the trail. The land containing the Cracker Lake and Bulls Head mines changed hands several time in the years to follow and was finally picked up on a tax deed from Glacier County on September 22, 1953 by the Glacier Natural History Association. Please consider becoming a member. s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s); According to legend the mine received its name when two prospectors, L. C. Emmonds and Hank Norris, after staking their claim, had a lunch of cheese and crackers on the site. Cracker Lake is famous for its beautiful turquoise water color thanks to rock flour (silt) elements from Siyeh Glacier. Beyond the mine the trail finally reaches the shoreline at the far end of the lake. Also, just beyond the red rock outcropping is a side trail that leads down to the backcountry campground (which includes 3 campsites). Towering above the south end of the lake is 10,014-foot Mt. Cracker Lake is located in the Many Glacier region of the park, and it ranks among most people’s top 10 hikes to do in Glacier National Park. Premium members have access to Google dynamic maps. If hiking on a bright sunny day, you'll be immediately struck by the most amazing turquoise color you could ever imagine. The Cracker Lake Mine was established in 1897 after copper was discovered on the shore of the lake. Please add your email address and specify your topics of interest. At 1400ft elevation gain, the trail never gets too taxing. Glacier, Elevation: gcse.type = 'text/javascript'; According to legend the mine received its name when two prospectors, L. C. Emmonds and Hank Norris, had a lunch of cheese and crackers on the site after staking their claim. At roughly 3.25 miles from the trailhead you'll emerge from the forest. 6,079 Feet Not only that, but this lake is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, and I live in Alaska. All rights reserved. IBEX Mine Reports: Cracker Creek District: Lake Creek Prospect Claim: Lake Creek Prospect Report: Cracker Creek District: Mountain View Mine Claim: Mountain View Mine Reports: Cracker Creek District: North Pole-Columbia Lode Claim: North Pole Lode Letters: Cracker Creek District: The first few miles of the hike passes through a thick forest; however, at roughly one mile from the trailhead you'll reach an opening in the canopy that provides some outstanding views of the Cracker Flats area. An email has been sent to the address you entered, please click the link in that email to confirm your address. On this particular trip, I saw mountain goats, a moose and a bear in addition to … A stalwart hiker poses at Cracker Lake, very near the location of the Cracker Jack Mine. The Cracker Lake Mine was established on the southern end of the lake at the foot of Mt. Eventually the lake was named after the mine. before using any information on this site. Montana, County:  Before the park was established, there was a copper mine at the head of the lake. The Cracker Mine at the head of Cracker Lake opened in the same year. At the Cracker Lake mine, a tunnel had been driven some thirteen hundred feet into the mountain, including some four hundred feet along the vein. The 1,400 foot elevation gain may be less than half of what we experienced in Big Pine but is still considered “strenuous” by many hiking metrics. Cracker Lake Lake, 750 feet north; Cracker Mine Mine, 770 feet south; Cracker Mountain, 3700 feet south; Siyeh Glacier Glacier, 4200 feet southwest; Mount Siyeh Mountain, 1 mile south; Preston Park Plain, 1 mile south; Other Places. Hopes were so high for the Cracker Jack and Bullshead Mine on the shoulder of Mt.